Websites depend on advertising to survive, but people are tired of invasive, interrupting ads. Arc lets websites sustain themselves without irritating users.

No one wants their personal data surreptitiously collected and shared without compensation, transparency, or their permission. Arc monetizes surplus bandwidth, not people's privacy.

Websites struggle to financially sustain themselves. 75% of all online ad dollars go to the 10 largest ad-selling websites1. Arc gives the 99.9% of websites not named Google or Facebook a self-supporting alternative to ads.

Delivering high quality graphics, video, and audio is prohibitively expensive for websites. With Arc, websites save 50% off traditional CDN services. Every website can afford Arc's CDN to improve performance.

A handful of tech giants dominate online commerce at the expense of small businesses, innovation, and free choice. Crowdfunding through Arc empowers the many to compete with the few.

It's responsible to use what we already have. Arc creates cloud services from existing devices and infrastructure without building new data centers.

Websites add Arc's widget and earn revenue while visitors browse their site.

How? While browsing websites that embed Arc's widget, a little spare bandwidth from millions of users is responsibly united into a powerful cloud network, specifically a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Reputable websites rent Arc's community-powered CDN to reduce costs, increase availability, and boost performance.

The CDN proceeds are then paid back to user-nominated charities and Arc-powered websites in proportion to the time users spent on each site.

With Arc, privacy is inherently preserved. No software is installed, no private data is captured, and personal files remain inaccessible. To calculate website and user earnings, Arc monitors how long devices spend on each Arc-powered site. Beyond that, Arc has no access to, or interest in, any personal information, files, or browsing history.

The user's browsing experience is always prioritized. To ensure device performance, devices only join Arc's network while users are on websites with Arc's widget and when connected to both power and Wi-Fi. There's no impact on download speeds or battery life, nor any lingering background activity once a user leaves the site.

Crowdfunding your favorite organizations, causes, and communities is as easy as leaving a browser open on their website. Arc is a safe, easy, and responsible way to share your support.

Arc is founded on respect and reciprocity. Everyone gives a little and gets something in return.

  • Websites add Arc's widget to earn revenue without annoying their users.
  • Users support their favorite websites by sharing a little spare bandwidth.
  • Arc responsibly unites surplus bandwidth into a global CDN that websites rent to reduce costs and improve performance.
  • Websites and non-profits share in the CDN proceeds.

Arc gives every organization an easy and principled way to support themselves. Schools, churches, and relief agencies can fundraise by encouraging patrons to leave their browsers open on their websites. Fans can support artists, makers, and creators while enjoying their content online. And businesses can monetize office PCs by having workers park their browsers on the company's homepage overnight.

Arc's global community of users and websites constitute a formidable coalition for change. Together, we can create a better Internet, founded on user privacy, fair competition, self-reliant communities, and the open exchange of information untainted by advertising or platform monopolies.

Empower online communities and their members

Build the world's most affordable, people-powered cloud network to give community members a sustainable way to support the websites, organizations, and causes they value most.

Mobilize a free and open Internet

Transform surplus bandwidth into a revenue engine for websites. Monetize hardware, not humans. Reduce ads, preserve privacy, jumpstart competition, and advance an open Internet.

Create a better world, together

Foster inclusion, respect, and collaboration between websites and users. Use existing resources wisely. Support organizations that uplift their communities through cooperation and participation.