Crowdfund the websites you love
with a little bandwidth, not your wallet

Arc unites bandwidth into a people-powered cloud network
Users see fewer ads and earn rewards
Websites make money, run faster, and reduce costs

Arc is an alternative to online advertising where websites and users cooperate, contribute, and benefit together.

How? While browsing websites that embed Arc's widget (), a little surplus bandwidth from millions of devices is safely united into a people-powered cloud network. Websites rent this low-cost Content Delivery Network (CDN) and proceeds fund Arc-powered websites and reward users.

No software is installed, no private data is captured, and personal files remain inaccessible. By design, user privacy is respected and preserved.

Device performance and the user experience are always prioritized, so there's no impact on download speeds or battery life.

Users sustain websites just by being there. Financially supporting organizations, causes, and communities is as easy as visiting their site.

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Arc gives every website an easy and principled way to make and save money that preserves user privacy, improves performance, and provides users a superior browsing experience.

Power your website with Arc

  • Users support the websites they visit with a bit of spare bandwidth.
  • Websites generate revenue, reduce costs, and improve performance with no impact on users.
  • Arc creates a community-powered CDN that crowdfunds websites and rewards users, without ads.

When you browse Arc-powered sites, you help create a better Internet… with less advertising, enhanced privacy, and healthier competition.

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