Arc makes websites money.

Add Arc's widget to your website and get paid for the time your users spend on your site.

When you add Arc's widget to your website, idle devices with your website open join a worldwide, distributed computer network comprised of all websites with Arc's widget. The storage and bandwidth services of this distributed network are rented out as cloud services. Developers buy these cloud services and you, the publisher, are paid proportionally for revenues earned.

The more time users spend on your website, the more you get paid.

Arc never affects your user's experience. Ever.

To ensure such, Arc's widget is dutiful to the following rules:

Rule 1

Arc never drains a user's battery. Mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc) are only monetized when plugged into power.

Rule 2

Arc never uses cellular data. Devices are only monetized when connected to Wi-Fi.

Rule 3

Users are always provided a transparent option to opt out of Arc. And later, if they so choose, to opt back in.

Rule 4

Arc's widget icon always remains visible and interactable in the bottom left corner of every page it's embedded in.

When tapped, users can read about Arc, how Arc supports you, and are presented the option to opt out, if they so choose.

Making money with Arc is easy.

Step 2

Append Arc's widget to the <body> tag on every page you want to monetize.

<!doctype html>
    <!-- Insert Arc's widget here. -->
    <script async src="<YOUR_WIDGET_ID>"></script>
Step 3
That's it. Sit back and relax; Arc is now a passive revenue generator for your website.