Goodbye ads. Hello Arc: A new business model for software.

Arc responsibly monetizes idle user devices.
Websites get paid and users see fewer ads.

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Add a little widget to your website and make more money. Arc's widget detects idle devices on your website and unites them into a worldwide, distributed computer network. This network is rented to developers and you get paid.

Make money with Arc

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Arc orchestrates idle devices into a worldwide, distributed computer network. A portion of this network's latent resources are rented to developers as cloud services — like object storage and content distribution (CDN). Developers pay less for better cloud services.

Save money with Arc

With Arc, users see fewer ads and have their privacy preserved. Arc isn't creepy, doesn't track user activity, and can't access private user data or files. Most importantly, Arc never affects the user experience: devices are only monetized when the user experience remains unaffected. Like at night, when the user is asleep.