About Arc
Arc is a peer-to-peer content exchange and delivery network (CDN).
Arc speeds up websites
Sites with Arc load faster because their content is fetched from people's devices near you instead of from data centers far away. In return, Arc lets your device share content with others.
Delivering video, audio, and other data on centralized networks is expensive and inefficient. Instead of building wasteful new data centers, it's more responsible to use what we already have. Almost everybody has spare bandwidth. Arc creates value by unlocking this under-utilized resource.
Arc helps websites make money without ads
Until now, most websites have sustained themselves by showing you ads and compromising your privacy. We believe there’s a better way.
Arc is a powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) built with the unused bandwidth of everyday people. Instead of ads, Arc lets you safely support the websites you love by sharing a bit of your unused bandwidth. Just by visiting a website with Arc, you contribute to a faster internet with fewer ads.
Arc respects your privacy and performance
No one wants their personal data surreptitiously collected or sold. With Arc, your privacy is preserved. No software is installed, no private data is captured, and your personal files remain inaccessible.
To calculate website earnings, Arc monitors how long your device stays on each Arc-powered site. Beyond that, Arc has no access to, or interest in, any personal information, files, or browsing history.
Your browsing experience is always prioritized. To ensure performance, devices only join Arc's network while visiting a website with Arc's widget and when connected to Wi-Fi. There's no impact on download speeds nor any lingering background activity once you leave that site with Arc.
You’re informed and in control
We believe in transparency. Whenever you're on a site with Arc, you’ll see Arc's logo () on your screen, with links to learn more.
We respect your preferences. You have the option to disable Arc at any time by tapping Arc's logo and opting out.
Arc works seamlessly in the background
Websites add Arc's widget and earn revenue while you browse their site. While millions of users browse Arc-powered websites, a little spare bandwidth from each their devices is responsibly united into a powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN).
Some Arc-powered websites pay to have more of their content delivered across this community-powered CDN, increasing availability and boosting performance. These proceeds are divided among all Arc-powered websites in proportion to the time users spend on each site.
Arc is founded on respect, fairness, and reciprocity
Everyone gives a little and gets something in return.
  • Websites add Arc's widget with one line of code to earn revenue without annoying their users.
  • Users support their favorite websites by sharing a little spare bandwidth.
  • Arc responsibly unites surplus bandwidth from millions of people into a global Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Businesses pay to deliver their content faster via Arc, and participating websites share equitably in the proceeds.
Arc offers organizations a new way to support themselves
Schools, churches, and relief agencies can fundraise by encouraging patrons to leave their browsers open on their websites. Fans can support artists, makers, and creators while enjoying their content online. Businesses can monetize office PCs by parking their office browsers on the company's homepage overnight.
Crowdfunding your favorite organizations and causes becomes as easy as leaving your browser open on their website. Arc is a safe, easy, and responsible way to share your bandwidth and support the websites you love.
Want to support yourself without ads? Add Arc to your website.